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In Addition to Our Extended Broadest Network of Ideas, Projects, Programs, and Organizations that we are Crowdfunding for, we also have 6 sub campaigns to fund various aspects of our Network to more clearly visualize what we are fundraising the money for.

Note: Because we are an Umbrella Crowdfunding Campaign, the numbers and figures are NOT automatically updated when you donate. We update all our numbers from all donation projects and types manually once a week or so. This also includes our starting budgets from the beginning of the campaign.

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1st Unity Network Umbrella Crowdfunding Campaign

Campaign Organized

by Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera


About the Unity Network


In a Sentence:

The Unity Network is collaborating to unite the peoples and social movements of the world towards social transformation so everyone has access to basic life necessities and opportunities for advancement.

Short Summary About the Unity Network:

The Unity Network uses principles of sustainability, grassroots activism, and collaborative decision making to help find solutions to the greatest problems of the 21st century. Our goal is to support and

catalyze unity between the diversity of people and movements across the world to work towards tangible solutions and social transformation to build balance with ourselves and the natural world.

Currently our general priorities involve developing new governance and economic system proposals, based on natural ecology and sustainability, that can help meet basic life necessities of all people, as well as a variety of other social conscious projects. Our world view is based on the foundation that global technological

advancement and accompanied population growth has spun off a plethora of global crises never before seen or dealt with by any generation before us, and the current systemic structure of or society is not currently capable of addressing these crises and they are continuing to get worse. Without naming the laundry list of global and regional crises, we will just name 5 of the top issues that we and future generations are all facing.

5 of the many global crises we are facing:

  1. Economic Destabilization from technological unemployment and wealth stratification.

  2. Climate Destabilization from Green House Gas emissions and other particulate pollution.

  3. Destruction and land pollution of 70%+ of the ecological land ecosystems and 30% of the ocean ecosystems, with mass species die-offs in the range of 10,000 extinct species per year.

  4. Dysfunctional Governments that function too slow for the needs of 21st century people.

  5. Basic access to food, water, health care, education, incomes/jobs, and other life necessities.

The foundation of the methodology for the Unity Network is that if we only solve one single issue, it could very well make the other crises worse,

or cause other unforeseen crises within areas that aren’t even current problems. Therefore our methodology consists of the theory of a comprehensive unified strategy and single interconnected series of solutions, as opposed to fragmented single solutions for single problems. We see this theory as just one of many possible options to solve our collective crises, but it is a viable option and should be includes in all discussion about how we solve any individual crises. Even if there is a small probability that we can’t solve any single crisis without solving all of them, we must consider this option as a viable solution. We see that there

are common roots to all of our problems, and that there are collective solutions no matter what the problem is. Our hope is to educate and help provide an open framework for any issue or group to collaborate together and build support. For more information about our foundational theories and methodologies, please read our 4-page paper on Unity Theory: http://UnityTheory.net

Currently we see that many of the roots of our collective problems arise from un-representative democratic systems based on money and elite wealth having unequal power, so many of our current projects are solutions to that type of issue. But we also have many other seemingly unrelated projects within our Network including a variety of sponsored projects and programs so we address all types of issues and problems that our community engages in.  We are an interactive network and our focus can change over time based on your and other peoples involvement, donations, and votes.

Some of the current activities we are working on:

  1. Community Elections, to prioritize ideas and proposals that anyone can input.  http://CommunityElections.org

  1. Unity Flag, a visual iconic symbol of unity between the peoples movements.  http://UnityFlag.net

  1. Unity Day, an annual event to support building unity between all people and movements. http://UnityDay.net

  1. United States People's Parallel Congress, to create communication and representation for normal everyday People without influence from Money, Business, Lobbyists, or elite.


  1. The Comprehensive Plan, is a compilation of integrated step by step solutions to global crises, published along with an action adventure book. http://TheComprehensivePlan.com

Want to get involved?: http://wc.tc/GetInvolved

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